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Minecraft Xbox 360: *NEW* Puzzle Map + Download! [Puzzle/Parkour]

October 13, 2012 in XBox Minecraft

———————————————- Download Link = ———————————————- How to get it on a USB Tutorial: 1. get a usb with your xbox profile and any minecraft save 2. plug that usb into ur computer 3. open up horizon 4. click on device explorer then games then minecraft 5. now right click on your save click inject then find the save you downloaded from me now a little window will open and click your profile then your done 6. plug the usb into your xbox put the gamesave onto the xbox and your profile load up minecraft and your DONE :D You have to download WinRar first, then go to the ‘Video Tutorial on how to put on usb’ (description) then download it. It’s really easy but you have to get it. Ifyou still don’t get it, watch this: /watch?v=Wco70dVSXO8 it’s a tut how to get The Hunger Games on your xbox. Please like so everyone can see ———————————————- Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Puzzle Map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Quest map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Adventure map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Parkour Map Minecraft Xbox 360 Puzzle Map Download Minecraft Xbox 360 Download Map Minecraft Xbox 360 Parkour Map Download Minecraft Xbox 360 Puzzle Minecraft Xbox 360 Parkour Minecraft Xbox 360 Best Map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Amazing Map

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