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Minecraft (Xbox 360) – NUKETOWN Map Remake + DOWNLOAD! (Custom Maps)

September 25, 2012 in XBox 360

Some epic gameplay on a remake of the CoD map Nuketown! It’s very easy but unofficial to download custom maps. A tutorial will be coming soon! Thanks lemons! Hope you enjoyed the video! If so, please LIKE & FAV the video! Thanks lemons! Original Creator: Map Download: TheGamingLemon Clothes And Gear! US Store: UK Store: Connect With Me! Twitter: Facebook: Playlists: TwitchTV (Livestream): Music: “Dustsucker” – by Machinima Sound ( “Let It Go” – by Insan3Lik3 ( “Bad Pitched” – by Insan3Lik3 ( Extra Tags: thegaminglemon minecraft mine craft xbox 360 xbla edition arcade map custom adventure how to download and install upload free nuketown cod call of duty black ops bo blops blops 2 black ops 2 bo2 2025 remake re-make re make in today this week 1.8.2 1.8 update release date machinima sound machinimasound

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