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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition – SlenderCraft Experience Slender Man on Minecraft (Custom Map With Download)

October 20, 2012 in XBox 360

►►► Leave A Like For Getting Scared by Chicken? ◄◄◄ Previous Video: Reddit: What’s up everybody? Tom here from 6Bro Media and today how does some Slenderman sound? No WAIT!!! SlenderCraft! That’s right me and Justin went head-to-head yet again, this time playing Slenderman on Minecraft “SlenderCraft” Justin’s Channel: Map Download – Map Created By – »Twitter: »Facebook: Battlelog: Platoon: _________________________________________ ★ Custom Xbox 360 Theme: ★ BF3 SQDM Breakdown: ★ Minecraft Nuketown: ★ Escapecraft: _________________________________________ Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by Website: Contact Me: Cafepress: Xbox Live GT: CheckYour6Bro

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