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Xbox, the video consol system game introduced by Microsoft has now become the buzzword in the entertainment industry at present. It was introduced in the year 2001, as an attempt to combat the decline of customer loyalty to Windows-based gaming systems.
This video game allows four players to enjoy the game at one time. If you wish, you can even connect eight Xbox systems. This implies that up to thirty-two players are able to play the game at the same time. The attempt took even Microsoft by surprise with all the retailers finishing up their stocks in one single day, on the first day of the launch of the game.
In the year 2005, Microsoft introduced its online version, Xbox Live which allowed its users to play the game online provided they have broadband connectivity. And, the latest version of the game available is Madden NFL 09 released in the year 2008.
Xbox cheat codes
Every game, when it becomes popular gets hacked and Xbox is not an exception. A few minutes of search would come up with thousands of websites from where you can buy Xbox cheat codes. Just analyze why you need Xbox cheat codes. Are you looking for codes for the Xbox system itself or for any other game? Once the requirement is determined, you just have to learn how to hack the game and advance to the next level.
Xbox accessories
Like every other game, Xbox features its own group of accessories. These include the following:
• Xbox Quick Charge Kit
• Xbox Text Messaging Kit
• Xbox Wireless Headset
• Xbox Universal Remote
• Adapters

Even though Xbox has everything required to offer maximum enjoyment, acquiring the accessories would help you explore its functions much easier.

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